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About Lindhaus

Lindhaus, Healthcare Pro, Aria Elite, RX HEPA, Commercial


Your high quality home and healthcare vacuum!  

Used in the US Capital building, Supreme Court, and White House!

The Lindhaus vacuums are known for their high level filtration, and quiet operation. They are strong and reliable. They offer easy maintenance without tools, accessories on board, versatility, and high efficiency while maintaining high power. 

The Lindhaus price and quality leave other vacuums in the dust! 

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Healthcare Pro

Lindhaus, Healthcare Pro, Aria Elite, RX HEPA, Commercial

This class A HEPA vacuum features dual-motor, dual-stage suction, which warrants the lowest power consumption with very powerful suction.

This is the most versatile Lindhaus vacuum to date, offering everything you need for total cleaning and filtration requirements. The tools are on board, and it has the ability to be used as an electric broom, carpet vacuum, carpet dry cleaning system, canister vacuum, backpack vacuum, and blower!

Our HCP has a 14" base. It is also available with a 12" base.

Aria Elite

Lindhaus, Healthcare Pro, Aria Elite, RX HEPA, Commercial

The Aria Elite offers a sleek design that provides the highest quality performance and filtration along with exceptional versatility and whisper quiet sound!

This canister vacuum has full size deluxe on-board tools, a quick release cordless wand connection, stainless steel telescopic wand, and the vacuum & brush motor controls are on the electrified hose.

The Aria also has a unique blower port. You can use the optional hose to create blowing and suction simultaneously, to clean heater vents and hard to reach areas.

With the HEPA bag, there are 5 levels of filtration, and with the optional S-Class HEPA filter, you get 99.97% filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron.

RX HEPA 450 Commercial 18"

Lindhaus, Healthcare Pro, Aria Elite, RX HEPA, Commercial

Engineered to last! This HEPA Eco Force Commercial Vacuum is durable, powerful, and quiet.

The 4500 RPM dynamically balanced roller and metal supports with ball bearings can be quickly replaced without tools. With rubber wheels, and guide cylinders, it rides flush with the wall.

Electronic control provides for a soft start. It also includes an overload indicator for the correct height adjustment and motor shut off to protect the drive belt and all moving parts.

Accessories are on-board.  Our RX HEPA 450 has an 18" base, but this model is also available with a 15" or 20" base.