Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robotic Vacuum

Serious Robotic Features

Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum

Check out all the features available including: 2 hour run time, 3D Smart Navigation, Quattro cleaning power (with Silent, Spot, Auto and Turbo Mode,) an easy to empty large dust bin, versatile smart phone app and/or remote control, and Home Vision live image feed!

3D Smart Navigation

Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum

It measures the distances to potential obstructions automatically and navigates safely around them. This prevents furniture and objects from being damaged. Even complex room structures are not a problem with the Scout's 3D Smart Navigation. 

Furniture Protection

Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum

Two front cameras give the Scout RX2 high-precision, three-dimensional object recognition.  

Quattro Cleaning Power


The Scout RX2 features 4 cleaning modes: Auto mode, Spot mode, Turbo mode, and Silent mode.

 Carpet Boost

In addition, the Scout RX2 features floor covering detection. Carpet is recognized and suction performance increased accordingly, thereby achieving top-class dust pickup on carpeting. On hard floors, more efficient operation at a lower power level ensures extended running.

Large Dust Bin - AirClean Filter

Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum

 Removing the dust box from the Scout RX2 is extremely convenient. Once you have opened the lid on the device, the box can be easily removed using the yellow handle.   The AirClean Plus filter ensures that dust and debris remains where it belongs: in the dust box. The effective filtration ensures particularly clean room air. 

Mobile App / Home Vision


 Mobile control and monitoring: With the “Miele Scout RX2” app for mobile devices – anytime and anywhere. Includes room mapping, so you can see what's been done and what's left to be done. 

Quickly checking everything is fine at home: Encrypted, live image feed from the front camera to a mobile device.